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How We Work

Cousins Event Planners prepares a proposal for your event based on our initial meeting. The proposal works toward addressing all aspects of the event including the budget. Preparation of a proposal is time consuming and the consultation fee is $150.00 for the preparation. If you hire Cousins Event Planners then the fee is applied to the overall event cost. Planning the event then becomes our priority and organization begins by preparing a timeline for the event roll out. Communication becomes paramount and we ask that one person be designated as the contact for Cousins Event Planners to work with on decisions.

We understand that weddings, civil unions, and corporate events involve many individuals’ input. At the end of the day, Cousins Event Planners will ask for a final decision from one individual in order to move forward. Cousins Event Planners will evaluate all aspects of the event during its roll out to correct problems early on so that the event will be a success, you will be proud of, and most important, an event that all will talk about and you will never forget.

Simply Elegant to Outrageous.

Our Process

Success begins with a face to face meeting. Although technology offers alternatives to face to face, we are family. We believe that you need to meet with us, interview us, and decide if we are right for your event. During the initial meeting, you interview us by answering the questions that we ask, by engaging in a conversation that is mutual. If we do all the talking we have failed at understanding your concept.

After we have discussed the event from its conception based on the proposal that we have prepared and you agree that Cousins Event Planners will be your planner, a contract will be executed and we will begin the work as agreed to in the contract and the timeline. Communication is critical to a successful event. Cousins Event Planners will communicate all aspects of the event through phone calls, emails, faxes, and face to face meetings as needed. During the initial phase, Cousins Event Planners will work with vendors and work within your schedule to arrange site visits and meetings.

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